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USV Microfiche Issue #1

A (tiny) monthly newsletter inspired by our Monday Meeting

Photo of the Month

The mayor stopped by USV as part of NY Tech Week


Some ideas we’ve been discussing and would love to discuss with you

1/ Mining Companies That Don’t Look Like Mining Companies: Our excitement centers on software-enabled exploration, cleaner extraction methods, targeting previously untapped markets, and developing material synthesis platforms.

2/ Personhood being Probabilistic: On the internet, there will likely never be a view with 100% confidence that an entity is a unique human. We need ensemble approaches to increase the probability of personhood.

3/ The Cognitive Load of Truth: People prefer simple, credible sources to verify content. Platforms that offer straightforward, reliable verification mechanisms will thrive in an era of widespread misinformation.

4/ Open Social for Personal Agents: We're trying to crack the code on personal agents that can seamlessly navigate both private and public data in open social architectures. It's like building a digital diplomat that can whisper your secrets while shouting from the rooftops.

5/ You don't churn off your friends: Consumer AI companies have a massive churn problem. Perhaps we're too focused on what they can do and not enough on how they make us feel. No one at USV cared about the Librarian till I had a name and a face.

Further Discussion

Our more formalized thoughts and announcements

1/ Collision Course by Rebecca Kaden*

2/ Introducing the Slow Hunch Podcast. Episode 1 featuring Fraser Kelton on AI and the launch of ChatGPT.

3/ Build for Yourself by Jared Hecht*

4/ Deep Reals by Grace Carney*

5/ Going on a Voyage by Albert Wenger

*These posts contain ideas we're actively seeking investments for

Wire Transfers

Checks written this month

1/ Unigrid - Series A

2/ Neynar - Series A

Company Updates

1/ Journey Clinical has signed its first large insurance contract with Aetna.

2/ The ZKsync project completed the airdrop for the ZK token.

3/ US DOE approves safety design for Radiant’s microreactor.

4/ Cathy Hawley has taken over as CEO of Bolster.

5/ Station was acquired by Coinbase.

Key Searches

1/ Possible Finance - VP of Engineering (Remote)

2/ Leap - Chief Financial Officer (SF) 

3/ Ghost - Head of Finance (LA) 

4/ David Energy - VP of Sales & Partnerships (NYC)

5/ Jam - Lead Designer (Remote) 

6/ Zeitview - SVP Finance (Southern California)

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